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About Kyra

Photographer. Graphic Designer. Art Director. 

Kyra Rosa (b.1992) is a Graphic Designer, Photographer and Art Director originally from Jacksonville, FL but now resides in Los Angeles, CA. She graduated from Miami International University of Art & Design in 2015 with a BFA in Photography. Her work focuses on aspects of Feminism, Social Constructs, Environmental Impact and Color Theory.


She also founded the brand MIJA, a Latinx company that focuses on inspiring and supporting women to follow their dreams. She curates creative content for all social channels including Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube which allows her to connect with her womanhood and her Latinx roots. She also created the wellness podcast Dear,Mija that focuses on how to navigate life as a woman. By sharing personal experiences, struggles, and guiding you through weekly affirmations.


In her spare time she likes to learn about new topics, try new things and just enjoy life. She's currently learning how to punch needle and training for her first 5k in Spring. In 2024 she wants to learn how to play tennis and ice skate.

For her work experience 

Screen Shot 2023-11-19 at 2.04.36 AM.png

Kyra Rosa (b.1992)

Photo in pixels

Every year we change, so every year we need a new "self portrait" to represent a new beginning

Self Portrait, 2023

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